Radiohead | A Moon Shaped Pool Tour

Radiohead is back on the road in Europe and my visualization celebrating the band’s A Moon Shaped Pool tour will be updated following each show with a unique HD performance. 


I recently enhanced the viz by adding the setlist for each show.  My inspiration for this came from a couple of blog posts by Alexander Mou on creating visual tooltips.  I wrestled with best way to incorporate set lists into my project and the method Alex used for his Tableau Ambassador 2016 viz worked very well.  Basically, I created a .jpg for each night’s set list using the cool feature from to render as a paper-looking image.  I then brought into Tableau as a background images and associated each with its corresponding show. 


This viz is real estate challenged so I decided to place the set list on top of the performances list using a separate container with an expanding sheet and a filter action that fires when hovering over each show on the map.  I think it works pretty well.


I also used Device Designer to create separate renderings for desktop, tablet and phone.  Although the stripped down version does work on a phone, there is really just not enough space for a good user experience.


As always, I would appreciate any feedback.


One other thing I would like to do with this viz is to incorporate a review of each show.  I could easily build in a URL that opens a new browser or have a second tab that replaces the performance URL action with the review.  However, my preference would be to create a parameter that works with the URL action already present in the viz.  The parameter would provide the option for choosing either performance or review and would use the container currently used for performance.  Any ideas for accomplishing this would definitely be welcomed.


Link to viz on Tableau Public:–AMoonShapedPoolTour/RadioheadAMoonShapedPoolTour?:embed=y&:display_count=yes

Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool Tour






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